South wall of the house.The Fairy &
, 'ground-cover roses' were planted here. It was certainly planed they would trailed down, but they became climbing roses instead..
'Royal Bassino'- July 1998 - 'Vindkullen', Kordes ground-cover rose but it is rather taller.
It is hard to believe, but when I was young I did not like roses.. I found them steel and vain, boring perfect maybe. That was because I almost never could see a rose or rose bush in nature. I lived in a town of millions and I used to see roses only at florist´s. When I started with Yngves garden (see page Who Am I), I bought three first roses only because it was sale and I paid less than half of price. They were:  'Coral Dawn', 'Flammentanz' and Rosa alba 'Maiden´s Blush'. I had not a clue what kind of roses they were, not even that it WAS something like rose groups and how you treat and look after them. I´ve read only on the package how to plant them and that´s it. And I bought some other roses the same summer - mostly by chance.
A little later I have read some books about roses from the library, and when I saw pictures, I became more and more delighted in roses, specially when I saw first  flowering bushes..  mostly in the Gothenburg Rosarium. I wanted to buy many of them and I learned  much about roses, their attributes, what they need and how you grow them. So my adventure with roses started..  and by now there were 98 sorts of roses in the garden.

ROSES 1996
A little later other roses were bought too. It was 'Flammentanz' (was planted just under the balcony on the south site of the house and it has got some flowers, but it is no pic on it. Later it was moved to 'Rosarium' after it was ready), 'Heidelberg', 'Bonica',
The Fairy' and 'Swany' - all were planted in the raised beds made of wooden boards around house walls. They were flowering the same year.
'Maiden´s Blush' was planted in the raised bed made of stones but it has no flowers that year. 'Westerland'
'Aloha' and later 'Raubritter' were planted in 'Rosarium'. 'Peace', 4 of them, were planted in the 'Buskage'.
Note: Sometimes not all pictures are loaded down. Use BACK in your browser and forward again, all pictures then come. Click on the pick to get it in right size, more pics and some description.
ROSES  1997 - 1999
'Coral Dawn' - the first rose I have bought. It was no place to plant it! I put it into the larger pot  and, to protect it from wind and frost in the winter, I placed the pot in the "Annex", next door to the greenhouse there it overwintered and has got its first flowers.
Right:'Maiden´s Blush' The first flowers, July 1996
'Aloha' - the first flower
'Flammentanz' - first bloom after it was moved to the 'Rosarium'
'Bonica' & 'Heidelberg'
An unknown rose, thrown away by me and rescued by Yngve.. read the whole story by clicking on the pic.
'Westerland', the first flower
'Golden Showers' first bloom
Click to get  'Peace' story
'Peace', late October. It was bought 4 of them on sale,  but only one survived - and not just that!
'Rosali', a little floribunda rose, 1996, near the  cherry-tree
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'Raubritter' - the first rose in the'Rosarium' in full bloom
In the 1996 the most of roses were bought and planted, some of them were moved later to other places. Below you can see some of them which were planted in 1995 but had got no flowers then or I did not take any pictures of them. Click on the each pic to get it in the right size and more of them of the same rose, mostly together with other sorts, and description as well.
Rosa rugosa, unknown variety, rather tall, very dubble and strong fragrant. It was there probably since 1970th
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'Chinatown' - the first flower
Roses in 'Rosarium'
'Buskage' (Bushes)
'Bonica82' - left side of the picture, planted in 'TheTower' of stones (raised bed)
'Freddi' - maybe name is not correct
'Märchenland' - first flowers
'Nevada' -
first flowers
'Romanze' - first flower
'Pascali' - first flower
Roses in 'Buskage'
Austin rose, in December
'Frühlingsduft' -
, first flowery
Some other places 1996-1997
'Chrystal (or Crystal)Palace'- a little floribunda
'Adolf Horstman'
Tea hybrid
'Claire Renaissance' - Danish, from
new group of roses called 'Renaissance'
'Chicago Peace' - a "sport" from 'Peace'
'Lill Lindfors' -
floribunda rose, November 1997, near cherry-tree
'Iceberg' - 1996 'Doftkullen'
'Sommerwind' - the first flowering rose (counted to ground-covers) under Balcony
'Duftwolke' - 1996 beneath Balcony
'Chrystal Palace' - on the Balcony
December 1996
Left:'Golden Wings' - 1st flower July 1997, beneath The Balcony
Goldener Olymp'
climbing, 1st flower, July 1997, at the birch truck
'Blanc Double de Coubert'-
R.rugosa hybrid
'Bantry Bay' -
maybe not, July 1997,'The Fortress'
'Madame Pièrre Ogér'- 1st flower, 1997,'The Fortress'
Austin, 1st flowers,'The Fortress'
'Irene of Denmark'-maybe not, 1997, 'Triangel'
August 1996, beneath the Balcony
Miniature roses - sown by me, called 'Month Roses'
'Peace'- 1st flower
'Golden Showers'-modern climber
'Victor Borge'-
Danish Tea hybrid
'Sutter´s Gold', Tea hybrid
Roses Along The Road 1996
It was much more roses planted along the road - or street - in 1996, but they have not been flowering yet in the same year. They were: 'White Grootendorst','Lykkefund', 'Blanc Double de Coubert',
Conrad Ferdinand Mayer', 'Ilse Krohn Superior', 'Pink Nevada', 'Prairie Dawn', 'Susanne', 'Stanwell perpetual'.
'Pink Grootendorst'-
1st flowery
'Chicago Peace',
sport of
'Peace' -
'Abraham Darby' -
Austin rose,1997
'Claire Renaissance'- 1997
'Ghislaine de Féligonde'-
'Evelyn'- Austin rose, 1997
'Victor Borge'-
'Golden Showers'
and 'Maigold'- 1997
'Maigold' -

hybrid, 1998
Unknown Austin rose, 1997
'Golden Showers'-
modern climber,
'Buff Beauty'-
Rosa moschata,

'Graham Thomas'- Austin rose,

Till svensk trädgårdssida
'Dixieland Linda'- sport
'Aloha' 2000
'Sutter´s Gold'-
'Schwarze Madonna'- 1998
'Pippi Långstrump'
October 1997
Some other places
Rosa hugonis-
July 1998 - 'The Birch Hill', planted 1998, pic from May 2000
'Stanwell Perpetual' after was moved to 'TheBirch Hill', in 1998, pic from May 2000
Rosa vosagiaca, planted in the autumn 1997, pic from May 2000
'Bassino'- 1999 also Kordes ground-cover rose and it is really short. It was planted in the 'Brooms Balcony'. Both Bassino were planted in 1998
'Freisinger Morgenröte'- 
1999 (Kordes modern shrub) planted on the 'First Balcony' in the spring 1998. Pic in July.
Roses on 'The North Side'
'Norrsidan' 1997-1999
'Golden Wings'
July 1998, beneath The Balcony
August 1998 - beneath The Balcony
'Goldener Olymp'- 1999 planted on the place after the disposed birch
'Iceberg'- 1999
'Bantry Bay'- (not sure)1999 'The Fortress'
'Mme Piére Ogère'- 1999 'The Fortress'
'Desprèz à Fleur Jaun'- 1999 climbing Noisette, planted 1998 in the container of bricks
'Chopin'- Polish Polyantha planted 1999 in the very large, ceramics insulated pot
'Dronning Margrethe'
1999, a little Floribunda planted 1995 in the large, ceramics pot
'New Dawn'- left and 'Heiderösslein' - right, both planted in 1999 in the another stone container, on the other aside of pergola.
Heiderösslein' was moved from 'Rosarium'
1999 - Kordes modern climber  planted 1999 in the stone container
'Dr.Eckener' No2, left, planted in 1998 in the middle of the lawn. In the 1999 (on the pic) it has got the very long shoot which has not got any damages during the winter 1999/2000, growed much longer during the year 2000 and was not damaged either in the next, very malicious winter. On this shoot  'Dr.Eckener' has got ca 10 first flowers in July 2001.
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Gothenburg, Sweden
'Händel' 1997
'Ros Göteborg'
'Pink Robusta' - 1997
'Freddi' 1999
In 'Rosarium' 'Handeldied in the early spring 1999 and 'Penelope' has been moved already in the autumn 1998 to the brick container but she have not awaken in the spring 1999. Also 'Pascali' died about early spring 1998, destroyed probably by an unknown animal, and I bought 2 new 'Pascali' and I planted them in 'Buskage', together with a new Kordes rose 'Schwarze Madonna'. 'Heiderösslein' has been moved in late autumn 1998 to the large container I have built of stones after our neighbour blasted much of rocks to built a house.
Roses 'Along The Road' 1997
'Pink Grootendorst'Rosa rugosa, with a red spot
'Rosa rugosa, with a pink spot
'Pink Nevada'
'Marguerite Hilling' Rosa moyesi first flower
'Fru Dagmar Hastrup'-
R.rugosa hybrid
R.rugosa hybrid
, first flower (and it was not much more..)
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'Galway Bay'-
modern climber
Along The Road many other roses were planted 1996 and some of them 1997, but either they were not flowering or I have not taken pictures. They were: 'Lykkefund' (Rosa helenae improved), 'Compassion' - modern climber, 'Conrad Ferdinand Mayer' - R.rugosa hybrid, Rosa mulligani, 'Emelie' - modern climber,'Prairie Dawn' and 'Susanne' both R.pimpinellifolia hybrids from Canada, 'Ilse Krohn Superior'-
modern climber,
'Rosendorf Sparrieshoop' (do not mix with the older sort Kordes 'Sparrieshoop'), 'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' - modern, short bedding rose of Kordes, 'Stanwell Perpetual' (R. pimpinellifolia hybrid, moved later to 'The North Side' ('Norrsidan') 'Dortmund'- Kordes modern climber .
Roses 'Along The Road' 1998 - 1999
'Aicha'Rosa pimpinellifolia
hybrid, planted in the spring1999
pimpinellifolia hybr. May 2000, planted in the spring 1996
'Lykkefund'July 1999 (planted in the autumn 1996)
'Rugelda'- Rosa rugosa hybrid, planted in the spring 1998, first bloom October 1999
modern climber, first blomma, Sept. 1998 (planted in June 1998 with

modern climber, 1999 (planted in autumn 1997)
'Rosendorf Sparrieshoop'-
modern climber, 1999 (planted in the autumn 1997)
modern climber, 1998 (planted in the autumn 1997)
'Comte de Chambord'- or
Madame Boll'   2000 (planted in the spring 1999)
There were no more pictures of the other roes 'At The Road' in 1999.
Rosa mulligani
has not flowered yet, and other roses has been got single flowers from time to time and I have not much opportunity to shot them that time.
I have bought another 'Dr.Eckener' (see this Page down on the right) and planted it in the autumn 1998 in the middle of the lawn, in front of the entrance door. This 'Doctor' is much better than that at the road. I waited two years for the first flower - but it was worth! Flowers are extremely beautiful and fragrance, I made a lot of pics, I hope they are nice! The pictures  can be seen on the Page with 'Dr. Eckener'

Please, click on every thumbnail, you can read much more about every rose and see many more beautifull pics!! All roses have own pages.
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